It was this very day, July 24th, 1982, that Rocky III spawned the chart topping "Eye Of The Tiger" by the group Survivor. Where were you when the song began its six-week run at the top of the Billboard Pop charts?

Note: For the youngsters out there... back in the early '80's music videos were made on a budget of about $15 bucks.

Chances are, when "Eye Of The Tiger" topped the charts, you were either at the gym, on your way to the gym, or at home looking in the mirror thinking to yourself, "I need to get to the gym." "Eye Of The Tiger" has become an anthem signifying the early 1980's obsession with perfect hair and a great physique.To this day, you can go to any fitness club and hear people whispering the tune as they work out.

On an equal note, the tune seems to serve as a flashpoint sparking an inborn desire to fight something. In the case of Rocky Balboa, it turned him from a limp noodle that couldn't fight its way out of a wet paper bag into a raging ball of Italian fury than beat the snot out of Clubber Lang.