It's that awkward time of year, everyone-- the time of year when you're either getting dumped or cuffed. If you've recently entered into a relationship, it's almost worse-- do you invite that person home for Thanksgiving, or is it too soon?

Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey
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I dated someone for close to four months and we had a hard time deciding whether or not it was okay to get each other birthday gifts or if we were moving too fast (that, though, probably should have been a red flag). Holidays, in my opinion, are a lot more intimate than birthdays, anyway. After all, your whole family is usually around and there's an expectation of commitment for whoever comes to dinner. So how soon is too soon?

When presented with the dilemma, Glamour Magazine said that a good starting point with the family might not be the busy Thanksgiving season. Writer Jillian Kramer says, "even if your entire family is on their best behavior, how well can your boyfriend really get to know the most important people in your life when they're bustling in and out of the kitchen, their attention split between you, six other people, and a shrilling timer on the oven?"

Valid point. And think about if this person hasn't been labelled 'boyfriend' or 'girlfriend' yet-- can you imaging the familial questioning he or she will be bombarded with? You might know best, however, based on your connection with this person and how long you want them to be in your life.

Let us know what you think in the poll below-- how soon is too soon?

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