Watch the video but be advised, lots of bleeps.

No matter how inconvenienced and upset you are that you have to take off your belt and shoes at the security check point at the airport, there is one word you just never ever say....


Don't say that word at all. Don't whisper it or even think it. Not "you're the bomb" or "that's bomb" or "want a bomb pop?" or "bomb diggidy" or definitely not "I've got a bomb". Just ask San Francisco 49ers troubled linebacker Aldon Smith.

Smith appeared agitated while going through security at LAX and was randomly selected for an additional security check. Smith got upset and allegedly yelled or said the word "bomb" - in some form or another and subsequently was put in handcuffs and arrested.

And big surprise- alcohol is suspected to have played a part in this.

Smith now faces up to a year in jail and was released on $20,000 bond.

You've been warned...



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