Construction is underway today at a portion of Grand Junction's Canyon View Park. What's going on?

You'll see construction underway at the far north end of Canyon View Park. Crews are working immediately next to the fence by the east ramp merging onto I-70.

Today through March 29, Canyon View Park will have construction and even an occasional road closure or two. Colorado Piling Service is driving piles for the Verizon Wireless Cell Tower.

Hold the phone. What does "driving piles" mean? Here's one example.

Here's another.

For some reason, I suspect the first example is what's taking place at Canyon View Park.

Does this mean the park is closed? Not at all. The park remains open during construction. That having been said, though, please use a little extra caution when in the area.

Where again is the construction taking place? If you look at the photo at top, you'll see two yellow markers. That's it. That's the only area where construction is underway.

Again, the park is open. Please be cautious and keep an eye open for construction crews.

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