Casa is Court Appointed Special Advocates in Mesa County and is one organization that truly stands with kids.

When children are abused, who helps them? Who is there for them when their own parents aren't? Who will be their voice when no one else will?

Consider these facts: (Supplied by CASA)

  •  291 Children were assigned to the program as of the end of November
  •  There are currently 40 children on CASA's wait list because there aren't enough advocates
  •   40% of CASA volunteers work a full-time job.
  •  There are currently 98 active CASA Volunteers

in 2016, child abuse rates in Mesa County were two times higher than the state average and nearly two times the national average. These are our children, and they need to have someone there to speak for them.

CASA volunteers are fully trained and are appointed by the courts. The average length of a case is 18 months and you will spend roughly 6 hours per month carrying out your responsibilities.

If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity, consider CASA and let's give those children a voice and get them off of the waiting list.

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