If you are an unattached, single resident of Colorado, what have you got against boy bands?

The people who created the dating app Hater, have revealed their results of what single people from each and every state hate the most. Get ready for some truly bizarre results.

The one thing that single, Colorado residents hate the most is:

*NSYNCH. Yup, the uber-famous boy band is the thing single Coloradans hate the most. Seems a little harsh, doesn't it? What did JC, Chris, Joey, Lance, and Justin ever do to them?

All the data was taken from the people who have signed up for the dating site Hater and shared with Complex.com. The people at Hater believe that people can forge relationships out of things they dislike just as easily as the ones they enjoy.

Here are some results from some other states. I can't explain them, I am just listing them:

  • Illinois - biting string cheese
  • Utah - porn
  • Delaware - actor Casey Affleck
  • Vermont - waiting in line
  • Georgia - tuna salad
  • Iowa - long hair on guys
  • Pennsylvania - people who  use money clip
  • Missouri - people who believe in aliens

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