Would Grand Junction support and possibly even benefit from a Casino Hotel type of business?

Places like Blackhawk, Central City and Cripple Creek all have them.

Coming from Wisconsin, it was odd that I did not see a single billboard, television or radio commercial for any type of Casino Hotel complex anywhere near Grand Junction. You can barely swing a dead cat in Wisconsin without hitting a Casino.

Granted the state laws are very different. The Native Americans in Wisconsin were granted the rights and the privileges of building and operating these said Casinos in 1988 under Congress' decision with the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.

All the legal stuff, the treaties and all the minutia would take me years to process. All I know is that the Casinos that began to pop up in Wisconsin employed a great many number of people, both Native and Caucasian. In fact, I worked as a bartender at the  St. Croix Casino in Turtle Lake, WI for a few months.

Now, of course there will be arguments on both sides, and yes, I did hear of a few people losing their homes, farms, marriages and even lives over gambling, but it was a small number overall. But, in my radio career, Casinos I have worked with have been nothing but supportive and charitable. Plus, they have provided entertainment venues that host National music acts, comedians and other types of performers.

If they laws were favorable, would you support a Casino Hotel complex in the Grand Junction area?




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