'Heeeere's Johnny!' That's the iconic line from the 1980 super scary movie 'The Shining.' Check this story out from NBC's 9NEWS.

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park is back in the news.

Legendary horror novel author Stephen King stayed there and was inspired partly, to create one of the scariest books ever written. He used The Stanley as a template for The Overlook Hotel, which was a character all of its own, in the 1977 book.

There has always been the talk of possible hauntings and paranormal activity in the Hotel, but nothing ever could be confirmed. Well, maybe until now. Experts are claiming that this actually could be a ghost.

A picture was taken by a gentleman named Henry Yau. He stated when he took the picture he did not notice anything peculiar or out of the ordinary. It was only after the image was developed that he spotted the image.

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