This is just creepy. In the little town of Victor, Colorado, a man transformed an old brothel into a serial killer-themed hotel. Now, I've been through Victor, and there's not much, so naturally, this is a destination for thrill-seekers with a bit of a morbid taste. The hotel is called The Black Monarch.

The Black Monarch has certain rooms dedicated to actual serial killers, plus just a bunch of creepy stuff. For example, there is a room based on what many consider America's first serial killer, H.H. Holmes. Holmes owned a hotel in Chicago where he had secret tunnels installed so that he could creep up on his victims and not allow them to escape. The Holmes room features maps of his hotel and photos of the serial killer himself.

Elizabeth Bathory, the notorious serial killer that bathed in her victims' blood, has a room as well, decked out with her photos and, for whatever reason, a taxidermied bat.

Finally, if this wasn't creepy enough, The Black Monarch is also rumored to have an actual ghost of an old-timey miner haunting the place.

Now, my question is, who stays in places like this? I have a hard time hearing a bump in the night at a hotel, or even staying in a place with weird vibes. I can't fathom subjecting yourself to being scared at a hotel on purpose.

Also, what about family members of the victims of serial killers? Doesn't it seem a bit disrespectful to put people like this on a pedestal? Just the two aforementioned serial killers are said to have killed around 800 people combined, which leaves a lot of family members with ill feelings toward these monsters. Granted, they lived a long time ago, but is it that much of a difference romanticizing H.H. Holmes than it would be to do the same with James Holmes?

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