Do you ever wonder what Grand Junction restaurants do with all of that food at the end of the night or after a catered event? I have no idea, so maybe we should try and find out. Can we do something good with it?

This thought has always been with me, but recently I have attended several events that have been bringing this thought back up to the surface. Now, I am not here to vilify, pass blame or to point out anyone. All these different places have their own policies and regulations that they have to follow and I respect that. But, if we could do some good with it, why not give it a try?

I am a big leftover fan. Seriously, how many dishes actually taste better the next day or two? A lot. Plus, I can't stand the thought of food going to waste.

It's a bad combination because when I am at event such as a wedding or some sort of catered affair my first thought is to ask if I can back up my truck to the kitchen door and take all the leftover food home with me. That would probably look a little tacky, even though I would know the food wouldn't go to waste.

I have heard of some places that donate or drop off that food to homeless shelters or places like that. That would be perfectly fine with me.

If you do work at one of our many awesome Grand Junction restaurants and you are willing and able to discuss what your policies are, please share them with us.


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