Where is the BEST place, in Grand Junction, for Valentine's Day dinner with your special someone?

This idea came about from an article I saw list the seven most romantic restaurants in Colorado. And of course, per usual, no places on the Western Slope are recognized.

So, we are going to create our own list.

You can base your selection on any number of criteria. From the food, the atmosphere, prices, location, customer service to maybe you just having great memories at one particular place. There doesn't have to be any rhyme or reason to your choice. Simply trying to gather a list of the area's most sought after Valentine's Day spots.

Just in case you were wondering what those top seven romantic restaurants in Colorado ion that list was:

  • 1) Carlo's Bistro in Colorado Springs
  • 2) Chimney Park Restaurant and Bar in Windsor
  • 3) Flagstaff House in Boulder
  • 4) Gabriel's in Sedalia
  • 5) Penrose Room - The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs
  • 6) Ski Trip Lodge in Keystone
  • 7) Pepper Tree in Colorado Springs

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