Sit back and relax. Grab your popcorn and drink, and please silence your phone for our feature presentation! Colorado Movie Towns!

Straight Outta Clifton

Ok, we’re just having some fun with this one. This is a common misconception about the Clifton area. It is often associated with the thought of higher crime rates, even sometimes referred to as the “ghetto” of the valley. Truth be told, there are several beautiful areas in Clifton, including several great, family friendly parks as well as several thriving businesses. Although, it is much more likely to find local rappers in Clifton than other areas of the valley!

Jurassic Park: Fossilizing Fruita

Anyone that has lived in the valley for any amount of time knows that the words “Fruita” and “Dinosaur” coincide. From Dinosaur Hill to Dinosaur Journey, to the Jolly Green Giant (T-Rex Statue) in the center of town, you can’t pass through Fruita without seeing some reference to dinosaurs.

What’s Eating Gilbert's Palisade Grapes

It’s no secret that Palisade is known for their wonderful fruit harvests. While you probably shouldn’t expect to see Leo or Johnny Depp here, you can take comfort in the fact that you’re buying some of the best grapes in the state. Palisade is known for their wine, kind of like Leo was known for whining in this movie, a lot.

Every Which Way But Loose in Montrose

We don’t mean to “monkey around” but if you’re looking for a Western Colorado town to associate with the wild west, Montrose is your best bet. From rough and tumble to soft and sweet, this town has it all. Which is probably why it’s one of the top retirement destinations in the state.

Dazed and Confused in Grand Junction

If you’ve ever driven for more than 5 minutes in town, then you understand why we chose “Dazed and Confused”. Ok, but seriously, this movie features a lot of people hanging on or around their cars for extended periods of time, while taking advantage of amendment 64. Ok, but seriously, watch the movie, tell us we’re wrong!

We hope that you have enjoyed our feature presentation. Thank you for watching, and drive safe!

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