The Colorado State Fair is going on right now. However, it is in Pueblo. So, I am proposing that we organize and strategize and hold our own event. The Western Colorado State Fair.

The line up for the Colorado State Fair is pretty decent. Joe Diffie, Hunter Hayes and Gary Allan on the country side and former Bad Company front man Brian Howe for all you rockers out there. But, it's not fair (see what I did there) that we here on the Western Slope should have to drive that far just to enjoy a family favorite event. Who doesn't love a big state fair?

Other states have multiple geographical fairs. Idaho has an Eastern and Western Fair. Wisconsin hosts a Northern State Fair. Montana has a Western State Fair. Texas throws a Northern Texas Fair. Even Washington hosts a Central State Fair. I think we could do it here in Grand Junction.

The Western Colorado State Fair. That has a definite ring to it.

Now, of course, this in all likely hood is a pipe dream. But, it was something that popped into my head. As far as logistics, money, organizing, planning and so forth go I don't have a clue how much of that stuff works. I could help on the concert side and maybe find a mini-donut vendor-those are my specialties.

Now if we somehow were to pull this off, what type of events and concerts would you want to see. Spare no expense. Like the guy in that movie said:

'If you build it, they will come.'




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