Well, this isn't quite the way to kick off December, now is it? Do you recall about four years ago when it snowed like the dickens on November 29? Well, since Western Colorado doesn't have any snow of our own to enjoy, lets look at some awesome snowfalls from yesteryear via the lens of Robert Grant.

I seriously debated about whether or not to wear a light jacket to work this morning. For that matter it was difficult to decide if it were necessary to wear long pants. This isn't exactly the harshest winter we've ever seen. Granted, it's not officially winter yet, but it is at least December. I can remember many occasions when we had decent snowfall by this time.

Most photos come from the Grand Junction area circa the 1940's and 50's. All photos are from late Daily Sentinel photographer Robert Grant.

Ski resorts aren't exactly jumping for joy. Well, since we have to improvise, why not enjoy videos of past snowfalls from the region. The video below consists of photos I took less than two years ago at the old kiln on the way to Glade Park.

You know what they say, "Be careful what you wish for." Now that I've opened my big mouth, we'll end up getting a blizzard lasting three weeks.

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