K9 Units from Grand Junction, Fruita, and Montrose, joined forces Monday to conduct field training. Check out Joker, Nero, Talu, and Oxx as they do what they do best.

The four dogs, along with officers and handlers, along with one extremely brave lady wearing a giant padded "bite suit," conducted various simulations including tracks, building searches, and apprehensions.

Is it just me, or does it look as though, when standing on his hind legs, Nero is the better part of six feet tall? That's no chihuahua.

Check out the video at 1:18. Give that young lady in the bite suit a pay raise! She deserves it. A little voice in my head tempts me to put the bite suit on and give this a try. Then reality kicks in, and I regain my senses and promptly chicken out. That's one brave lady.

Thank you to Grand Junction Police Department K9 units Joker and Nero, and Talu from the Fruita Police Department, and Oxx from the Montrose County Sheriff's Office. We feel much safer knowing you are around.

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