Although I don't necessarily advocate the killing of birds - it is pretty cool when you can "kill two birds with one stone."

Two of my favorite activities are playing golf and viewing wildlife It's extra cool whenever these two different paths collide.

While playing a round of bad golf recently at the fabulous Devil's Thumb Golf Course in Delta, we came upon a half dozen antelope who were lounging in the rough of this particular hole.( I don't remember which one)

Obviously, these guys are closet golf fans because they had choice seats about halfway down the fairway, giving them an excellent view of every golfer's drive and subsequent approach shot. This was my first trip to Devil's Thumb in quite a while, but I'm guessing these antelope are regular visitors at the course because they were pretty much unaffected by our presence.

We couldn't tarry long to enjoy the animals but paused only long enough to snap a photo or two and then continue on our way. Whenever I'm on the golf course, I don't find a lot of birdies, but I'm always happy to be interrupted by some beautiful Colorado wildlife.

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