Were prepping for the Zombie apocalypse here in Grand Junction. Ignore it and it will happen. If you over-prepare, someone may notice and steal all your stuff leaving you empty-handed when the real attack comes to Colorado.

With this in mind, it's time to prep now on the down low, while also selecting the perfect place to hide and wait out the attack. So today we need to hear your suggestions on places to hide in Western Colorado so that we can survive the Zombie attack.

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Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse in Colorado

We all know the attack will start in Denver on the Front Range. This gives us time to get outta dodge, and off to our hiding places before the Zombies start coming down I-70. What essentials would you take with you to your hiding place? Remember we have no idea how long we will need to hide before the zombies give up.

Why Do People Take This Seriously?

Years ago our own CDC released a Zombie Preparedness 101 guide. Are they trying to cause panic? Not long ago the publication Lawnlove released a list of the top cities in America to survive a zombie attack. Do you know which city was number one? It was Orlando, Florida. Simply because they have the most hospitals per capita. Ain't nobody surviving in Orlando. The best place you can be is away from a big city.

Places to Survive a Zombie Attack in Western Colorado

Just think of all the cool places in Mesa County alone that you could use to hide from a zombie attack. You've got your pick of some of the best high ground in the area. Countless canyons and remote places will give Grand Junction and the surrounding area a great chance to survive. Scroll on to learn about 12 places that just might save your neck.

12 Places to Hide in Western Colorado During a Zombie Apocalypse

The undead will never find your hiding place if you choose one of these 12 places to hide in Western Colorado during the inevitable Zombie apocalypse. Luckily, the western slope is full of great locations that will give you a great chance of surviving the attack.

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