There's nothing I wouldn't do to see Reba. It takes more than a raging inferno in the middle of the Nevada desert to stop me. This was my third voyage to witness the beauty that is Reba at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The last two trips offered smoother waters. This trip was a little rough.

This is par for the course for me. When it comes to travel, I always pick the most inopportune times. Back in the summer of 2005, my travel plans involved a trip to New Orleans. Do you recall what happened right about that time?

Set course for Las Vegas. Along the way, one could spot a small plume of smoke in the mountains near Cedar City, Utah. What became of it? I'll tell you in a minute.

Check out the dash-cam. When I-15 approached that little corner of Arizona, the outside temperature read a cozy 112 degrees. Coming out of the canyon, it climbed to 113, then 114. By the time we hit that stretch between Arizona and Mesquite, we reached a toasty 120.

Nevada Temperature
Waylon Jordan

No problem. I would walk to Las Vegas in 120 temperatures to see Reba. My rental car, a fairly new Toyota Corolla, came equipped with adequate air-conditioning.

Upon reaching Las Vegas, records were being set with temps in around 116.

Let's get to the show. For the most part, Reba and Brooks & Dunn's show was comparable to what they offered during the first portion of their residency. For the most part, they played all of their signature hits. Considering the number of #1 hits they have between them, some had to be condensed into medleys. Reba released her gospel album since the last time they played this venue in Las Vegas. She added one track from that album to the show.

The concert was absolutely fantastic. If you're not a Reba fan you will be after this. The production quality is very high, even by Las Vegas standards. The musicianship on stage is equally impressive. To top if off, ticket prices are unusually low for Las Vegas, starting in the $59 range.

When it was over, we were faced with the task of getting back to Colorado. Temperatures were supposed to be even hotter. Fortunately, the trip back never topped 113.

What about that little out-of-control weed fire in Utah?  That pesky little nuisance had turned into thousands of acres of uncontrollable disaster.

Utah Fire Near Cedar City
Bob Sours

Pulling into Grand Junction, the temperature read 101, precisely what the weather service had predicted.

The trip was a scorcher, but Reba was even hotter. I certainly mean no disrespect to Brooks & Dunn; they put on a fine show. Reba, however, was entertaining, funny, hot, energetic, hot, captivating, and hot.

The challenge of dealing with 120 temperatures should not dissuade you from catching Reba in concert. Set a course for Las Vegas, all air-conditioner-blowers full steam ahead.

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