After a grueling day of sniffing the ground, licking their feet, and the usual 14 hours worth of naps, your dog will enjoy winding down with a refreshing bowl of CharDOGnay, a wine just for dogs. A Colorado-based company already famous for their cat wines now offers two selections just for dogs.

Apollo Peak, based out of Denver, recently made a name for themselves with their fine selection of cat wines. They are now launching two wines for dogs, the ZinfanTail and the CharDOGnay.

If you're thinking you've heard of this company before, chances are you have. They have been featured on the show "Shark Tank."

Sure, that's just what most goofy little dogs need, alcohol. Both "wines" consist of herbs and beets which are combined to resemble wine. In all cases, the selections are free of alcohol.

How would one describe a wine made for dogs? According to a press release from Apollo Peak, the ZinfanTail is "a beautifully designed red wine for dogs."  This particular selection features a blend of Peppermint leaves that can help to soothe digestive upset and relieve nausea.

The CharDOGnay, on the other hand, is a "natural relaxant for dogs while also having added health benefits."

What if your dog leans towards the hard stuff? The company also offers other drink options including "The Doggy Mary."

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