Are you searching for the perfect Colorado hike? Are you prepared to tackle 39.000 miles worth of hikes? This awesome map will lead you to 17,000 trails within the boundaries of Colorado.

Let's think about that for a moment - 17,000 trails. If you hike one trail per day, it would take you 46.57 years to hike them all.

The Colorado Trail Explorer launched late last week. According to 9News, the endeavor was part of Gov. John Hickenlooper's Colorado the Beautiful initiative.

Right here, right now, the map works best on your computer. It will work on your phone, but with limitations. A mobile app is in the works.

For the purpose of a test run, I used the site to search "Quad Rocker," a trail just east of Little Park Road in Grand Junction. The site offered a detailed map, along with information including the overall length of the trail, terrain, accessibility to vehicles, hikers, horses, bikes, and whether or not the trail is wheelchair or stroller friendly.

Quad Rocker Map
Colorado Parks & Wildlife

On a side note.... look at Western Colorado kicking the Front Range's butt on the map at the top. You can barely see Grand Junction and Fruita for all the red lines. Denver and Pueblo, not so much. Western Colorado looks like those charts we used to see back in high school biology class. You know, the charts displaying all the arteries, veins, corpuscles and junk sprawled out across the human body.

Put this map to use today! Warmer weather is here and we have thousands of miles of amazing trails right here in our backyard. You have nothing but options. See you out there.

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