I was all set to retire. Star Trek held my ticket to riches this holiday season with my exquisite collection of keepsake ornaments.  Unfortunately, my anticipation of wealth was shattered by a heavy dose of reality courtesy of Ebay.

Waylon Jordan

I honestly thought my collection of Star Trek Christmas tree ornaments were worth at least $200 to $300 each. I have tons of the things, too.

It is no secret that the original Enterprise NCC-1701 Hallmark ornament is worth some bucks, roughly $200 - $300. Unfortunately, the original Enterprise ornament is the only one in the series I don't have.

Given the value of that particular ornament, it seems reasonable the other collectibles in the series would have increased in value proportionately over the years, right?

Waylon Jordan

Twenty-four ago I purchased the Galileo-7 ornament, one of the first collectibles in the series. My original purchase price for the treasure was $15. So, by my math, it had to be worth at least $200 by now. The actual retail value per Ebay and other auction sites: $2.00.

Waylon Jordan

How about my Next Generation Enterprise 1701-D? That has to be worth at least $275.  Actual retail value: $6.50.

Waylon Jordan

The Klingon Bird of Prey ornament, of which I have three, immaculate in its detail and precision craftsmanship, must be worth a fortune. The current high bid on Ebay: $5.00. Of course, it's only worth 5 bucks if it still has the original box. Without the box, even less.

So, to put it simply, don't bother breaking into my house and looting my tree with hopes of scoring big at the pawnshop. Total retail value of my otherwise priceless collection of Star Trek ornaments including my Enterprise D-refit, the Captain Pike ornament, Trouble With Tribbles, and Communicator ornament with actual sound clips from the series (when you open the lid)....  $45.46.

So, do I plan to sell and rake in the big bucks. Of course not. As a matter of fact, in the grand tradition of Waylon, I just went out to the store and bought another. That's right, the toy store, yes, I said toy store, at 5th and Belford in Grand Junction has an assortment of Star Trek ornaments for sale. I'm now the proud owner of the Star Trek: DS9 "Runabout" ornament featuring the voice of Mr. Worf.

Farewell, Hawaii. It seems I won't be heading your way soon. Not only did I not bring in thousands of dollars, I just forked over another nine bucks.