I just started water aerobics and I love it. At first, I thought it doesn't look like much of a workout but it is. The second day I was actually sweating in the water. Yes, you jog and run, and do curl-ups it is fun and good for you at the same time all with low impact on your joints.

This water class is designed to improve cardiovascular fitness. Working out for just 30 minutes can help your cardiovascular fitness and reduce body fat. Which is what I am trying to accomplish not only do I want to get toned but lose about 10lbs. I have used noodles, and weights, they only weigh a few ounces but when you are pressing against the water you can feel it. If you are looking for a new workout try water aerobics.

Crossroads fitness has a few classes you can check into. Crossroads fitness has two locations: 2768 Compass Drive Grand Junction and Downtown 225 N 5th Ave, Grand Junction.

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