After years of debate, a strange Colorado law has finally been repealed.

It seems crazy, but up until now Colorado residents were not allowed to collect rain water in a barrel. A new law, passed by the Colorado legislature goes into effect this week that allows the collection of rain water in Colorado.

According to Colorado State University Extension, there are still some restrictions that rain water collectors should keep in mind.

  • There is a limit of two barrels per household with a maximum capacity of 110 gallons.
  • Rain water can be used to water gardens, small lawns, and outdoor plants.
  • Rain water can not be used for drinking or other indoor water needs.

If you have questions about harvesting rain water, CSU Extension has some great information.

I can't say that I will be rushing out to  Home Depot to buy a rain barrel, but I will sure sleep better tonight knowing that I could if I wanted to.