Since this is my first summer in Grand Junction, I've heard it can get hottter than hot and drier than a bone. Here are a few things I know I'll need to survive my first Grand Junction summer.

Sunblock -- I love a nice tan but don't like to fry like bacon. I'll definitely invest 100 SPF sunblock.

Umbrella -- I know there isn't much for shade, so I'll just carry an umbrella, viola, instant shade.

Hat-- I'll need a little extra shade so a ball cap or even an outdoor Boonie stomping hat

Swim Cap-- Wearing a swim cap is not that attractive this I know, but if you want to swim and not have your hair in the way this is the way to go.

Sunglasses --With UV protection I buy these at the dollar store it seems every expensive pair I buy I lose them

Water-- I drink lots of water, especially while I'm golfing I like to load the cart up with about a half a case of water. Do you think me weird?

Gatorade-- Also I like to keep replenishing those electrolytes, coconut water is also good a natural drink without all the added sugar.

What else did I forget?

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