Both of us have ALWAYS wanted to do this. To actually jump out of a perfectly good airplane at 14,000 feet!

So, after work we headed out to Moab to check skydiving off our bucket list.

There are really no words to describe this. Awesome. Amazing. Unbelievable. Exhilarating. Wonderful. Sorry, those words are just not good enough. This is something that has to be experienced first hand.

But, the most ridiculous thing we both discovered, is that no matter the level of fear you may have, as soon as you stand on that platform outside of the plane at 14,000 feet while traveling more than 65 mph, all that trepidation completely disappears and then you enter the free fall. There is no better adrenaline rush anywhere.

We're talking upwards of 120 miles per hour! Free falling for roughly 30 to 40 seconds. Then the parachute opens and you float/glide back down to Earth with one of the craziest views ever.

Do yourself a favor and do this.

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