If you have never skydived, make it a point to check it off your list in 2016.  Colorado has many great places to jump from.

10,000 feet up with nothing between you and the Earth. Trust me, it is amazing. In fact, amazing doesn't even do the experience justice. There are simply no words. You have to see and experience it for yourself. It is one of those few things where only you and someone else who has jumped know what you mean. You just look at each other and say 'I know.' It will change you.

I had the unbelievable pleasure of doing this last year. Ever since I have wanted to do it again. Maybe I should check out some of these 'World's Best Locations To Skydive.'

But if your first timer check out these Colorado skydive locations. What a great couples thing to do. Even a family bonding moment. How about that for an awesome Christmas card picture?


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