This guy went skydiving, but he's not the one who really felt the rush.

An Australian named Roger was in an airplane when he got his folks, back in Ireland, on the horn and started chatting via video. Before his mom could ask him if he's been eating well and doing laundry, Rog here, who's traveling around the world, jumped out of the plane, sending his parents, Pat and Mary, into the type of hysterics every mother and father would exhibit when they watch their son jump out of a plane 14,000 above the ground.

To their credit, Pat and Mary rolled with the whole thing pretty well. Sure, they're shocked, but they also seem pretty in awe of their offspring.

We'd like to think that after he landed, his mother immediately began pestering him with questions about why he hasn't trimmed his beard, if he was wearing clean underwear and when is he coming home because she needs him to update the settings on her iPhone.

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