Did you know that Saturday, May 25, is International Jazz Day? Do you ever listen to Jazz in Grand Junction and the surrounding areas? If so, who is your favorite Jazz musician?

According to Holiday Insights:

International Jazz Day was created and in 1991 by D. Michael Denny, a musician and bandleader. At the time, he was on the Board of Directors of the New Jersey Jazz Society.

In 1991, a statement was recorded in the U.S. Congressional Record recognizing the creation of International Jazz Day.

I don't really consider myself a Jazzer, but I've played with Jazz groups around the valley for 30 years. Seriously, I took a trip to New Orleans about ten years ago to get a heavy dose of Jazz. In my opinion, you can hear better Jazz in Grand Junction. That's an opinion, and I vote we don't get too far into it.

Over the years you've probably enjoyed listening to awesome Western Colorado musicians like Walt Smith, Dr. Paul Schneider, Dennis Woodrich, Clark Gault, Gary Smith, and Steve Tomlinson.

Show the love! Who's your favorite? Being a Jazz musician can be a thankless job at times. Let them know you love to listen to them play. Vote for your favorite. Let's have some fun with this. I did a similar survey a few years ago, and the nominate musicians really got a kick out of it.

Tell you what - I'll start the list with two names. I have to provide at least two selections to get the poll going. From there, it's all up to you. Vote for your favorite. If your selection isn't there, write their name in, and I'll add it to the survey.

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