One of my earliest childhood memories involves sitting in my parents' car waiting for the local DJ to play Buck Owens' "It's a Monster's Holiday." Halloween, like Christmas, has its own signature tunes. What's your favorite?

You haven't lived until you've spent the night in a pimped-out, pinstriped 1974 Monte Carlo with an AM radio, waiting for the DJ to play a Buck Owens song. If you think the tune sounds spooky as it is, you should hear it over AM radio with a car full of blown speakers. Creepy!

National sites have done articles listing their picks. Some of these seem a little far fetched. In any event, here are a few to consider.

Even the folks at Disney like to get in on the action.

Anything by the Charlie Daniels Band is cool, and this song works year round. However, it has a special appeal when Halloween rolls around.

Okay, so this one really isn't a "Halloween" tune, but the title does lend itself well to the holiday, and it's a pretty good song.

Vote for your favorite! If you don't see your selection, write it in, and it will be added to the poll.

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