It's a new year, and time to get in shape. Did your resolutions include hitting the gym? Have you considered hiring a personal trainer? If so, where will you find Grand Junction's best?

Speaking from experience, getting guidance from a personal trainer was a wise investment. Like anyone else, my school years included countless P.E. and health and fitness classes. Nevertheless, when adulthood rolled around, I found myself wandering around the gym aimlessly. Without proper guidance and motivation, one can easily end up looking like the dude in the photo at top.

A personal trainer can assist in a number of ways. According to, these are the top reasons to hire a trainer:

  • Reduce injury risk
  • Personal trainers are inexpensive
  • Long-term guidance and motivation
  • Accountability
  • Variety and creativity
  • Learn life-long skills
  • Put the “personal” in your training
  • Learn effective and efficient techniques
  • Lose stubborn fat
  • Set the stage for a healthier future

Yes, hiring a trainer will cost you a few bucks. That investment, however, is certainly preferable to wasting time with improper exercise and poor lifting technique.

Let's say you plan to hire a personal trainer - who would you say is the best in the valley? Please keep in mind we're talking about "personal trainers", not group fitness instructors.

Here's a partial list of trainers working out of area health clubs. It is by now means a complete list. Vote for your favorite. If your pick for the valley's best trainer isn't on the list, write in their name, and they will be added.

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