Because of social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is causing everyone to stay home and stay safe (which is a good thing). But after watching Netflix and doing chores around the house it's always nice to try to socialize with friends. Seeing as how that is difficult right now a group of friends this past weekend decided to jump online and play games together virtually.

Because all of my friends are sarcastic and a lot of fun we decided to play the always fun 'Cards Against Humanity'. I think most people have played the fun card game at this point, but if you haven't this is not one you want to play with little kids. It is more adult based but hilarious and so much fun. Click here to play Cards Against Humanity online with friends.

When I woke up on Sunday and started scrolling through social media as I enjoyed my coffee I noticed that one of my coworkers also was playing games online but instead of my very intellectual game of 'Cards Against Humanity' he was playing Trivial Pursuit. Which would be another fun game to play online. I googled and found out that you can play Trivial Pursuit online by clicking here.

If you're tired of watching TV and documentaries on the couch message your friends to play a game online, I can promise you will have fun laughing and enjoying time with your friends. Although watch out it seems like adult beverages seem to evaporate faster when you're playing games with friends online.

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