We know he's not normal. That's obvious. But, Keyes really does have magic powers.

Watch the video as Keyes amazes his fellow co-workers. That's Sara from our Human Resources Department on the left. Then there is Spring, our Office Manager on the right.

We had no idea when we hired him that Keyes has this 'gift.' So, when we found out that he has this incredible ability, we had to ask him more about it.  Here is what he had to say.

'It's a gift I was given a long time ago by a very special person. I was taught to read inside of someone's mind. It's about the transference of energy. That's hard to explain, but once you grasp that, you see the world and people in a whole new light.'

All he asks is that his brothers in magic stay strong to the source of our powers. In other words:


'I enjoy entertaining people. But I will be honest, a part of me LOVES that fact that my co-host Riley can't call me out on this. She even says it in the video. She has seen me do this many times and I always get it right.'

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