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There is a video that was posted to YouTube earlier this week of a man outside of the Grand Junction police department that is gaining lots of attention. The video was posted by News Now Auditor Omaha Copblock and has been video over 25,000 already. It seems to be a man who wants to do a "First Amendment Audit" on our Grand Junction police officers.

The man in the video seemed to be filming the police station and police vehicles before he was approached by a few Grand Junction officers. He doesn't want to identify himself or answer questions with the officers. The officers seemed nice and respectful upon approaching the man but after not answering some of the officer's questions the conversation got tenser.

At 4:30 into the video you see one of the Grand Junction police officers pull out their taser but at no point during the interaction was the taser deployed.

Throughout the comment section of the video, you find most people hating on all police officers. Some comments speak to what they feel the Grand Junction officers did wrong and there are a few that are saying this is not what a First Amendment Audit is all about.

The video will continue to gain attention and you're going to find people with opposite points of view as to who was in the wrong throughout this interaction. What do you think?  Do you feel that our Grand Junction officers handle the situation correctly or should they have handled it differently?

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