Both the Mesa County Sheriff's Office and the Grand Junction Police Department are reminding citizens of how important it is to make sure their vehicle doors are shut and locked each night before going to bed.

In every city across the nation, there are car prowlers, people trying to look for an easy way to steal items out of cars. And the Grand Junction Police Department recently posted a video of two suspects making their way down a residential neighborhood as they were looking for vehicles that had their doors unlocked. It's aggravating that this would be happening but it is the reality of the situation and they don't want you to become the latest victim.

It takes only a matter of seconds and thieves can steal hundreds of dollars worth of your personal items so don't give them an opportunity and makes sure you lock your car or truck every time you get out of it.

I also encourage you to watch the video below of the suspects. Law enforcement is still trying to identify these two so if you know who they are please reach out to Crime Stoppers of Mesa County reference GJPD case number 20-29823.

It's also a great idea to keep lights on around your house at night. Obviously, having a camera system like the citizens below is fantastic but even something as simple as leaving your porch light on or having motion-activated lights on the front of your house can sometimes deter criminals from approaching your property. If nothing else make sure you always lock your vehicle.

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