In our last report, an absolutely absurd and unrecognizable statue of Elvis was stolen from Mama's Mexican Restaurant in the Belltown area of Seattle. Rain City superhero extraordinaire Phoenix Jones was on the case. As of last night, Phoenix Jones is proud to report the statue has been recovered.

Belltown-Pi reports that Mama's Mexican Restaurant owner Mike McCalphin stated that the wife of the owner of Top Pot Doughnuts called Mama's on Sunday morning reporting that she saw what looked like Elvis sticking out of a blanket near a garage in Queen Anne. Police were promptly dispatched to the scene.

The Elvis statue had a note attached to it which said, "Thank you very much" with an "X" underneath.


Phoenix Jones had offered a reward to anyone who could lead to the recovery of the statue. His reward: an autographed poster of himself and the chance to pepper spray him.

According to Phoenix Jones via his Facebook page, "The Elvis got returned....... but this might be painful." In addition to the reward of getting to pepper spray Phoenix Jones, the owners of Top Pot Doughnuts will also receive cash.