Okay, it goes without saying, that this has to be the worst Elvis statue ever made. However, the other person in the picture kicks ass. He is Rain City superhero Phoenix Jones, and he is on the case, searching for the culprits responsible for walking away with a crappy Elvis statue.

Phoenix Jones is my hero. Elvis is my hero. Whoever made this ridiculous looking statue needs to get their butt kicked... immediately. Those responsible for stealing the statue get kudos for having the good taste to get rid of the eyesore. However, as much a favor as it was to steal the statue, Phoenix Jones wants it back!

Phoenix Jones is a member, and the leader, of the Rain City Superhero Movement, a group of real-life superheroes that patrol the Seattle area. Phoenix Jones doesn't take kindly to crimes against the citizens and property of the Seattle area.

The Elvis disgrace, or I mean statue, was stolen from Mama's Mexican Restaurant in the Belltown area of Seattle on Sunday, March 10th.

If you have any information as to its whereabouts, contact Phoenix Jones.