Time to have some fun. If you were to choose a song for your Mesa County town, what would it be?

To give you an idea, I did some research, drove around a bit and came up with what I thought were some pretty good starter songs for Grand Junction area towns. But, as always, your word will be the final say. So, let's hear from you in these respective towns. Your choice for (un) official song would be?


If you're not from there, it's the first place we want to go to check out garage sales! The Redlands is kind of like your older brother. The wiser and more successful sibling. With you're stable family and marriage. Beautiful views anywhere and everywhere you look. You are luxury, but still attainable. We may all be a little jealous. I give you Pink Floyd and 'Money.'



A post office that's been operating since 1904. That's impressive. But not as impressive as your Truck Company. Mack trucks.....oh, wait that's right. You're not that Mack. So, what Mack are you? I know. You are County Jam Mack. So with that, I declare that the new unofficial Mack song to be Kenny Chesney's 'No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems.' Because for four days every June that's what you mean to us. And we love you for it!


Ah, Fruita. The town with the unusual name. A place that celebrates a headless chicken! I was going to go for The Chicken Dance, but then I really got to thinking about you Fruita. We drive through you on the way to Country Jam or to/from the Monument without even a second thought. So, I propose this anthem. Straight from the movie soundtrack for The Breakfast Club. Simple Minds and 'Don't You (Forget About Me.)'



Yeah, we know about the peaches. Everyone does. But, this newly adopted anthem should ring out about something ELSE you are very well known for. Grapes. Well, not exactly the grapes, but what you produce from those grapes. Add to that, I have always had a rockin' good time when I visit you. I present Def Leppard's 'Me and My Wine.'


Poor Clifton. You can be the butt of some pretty mean spirited jokes. It's almost like you could be the red-headed stepchild of the area. But, there is hope. In fact, I have made two very successful purchases from Craigslist and they were both in Clifton. Yes, you may not be as rich or well to do as some of your neighboring towns, but don't give up. I believe this song could become your new mantra. Your reason to fight. Your battle cry! Tim McGraw with 'Drugs Or Jesus.'


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