Which came first, the angry motorist or the disastrous parking lot? This question may be impossible to answer, but the same isn't always the case for some of Grand Junction's worst parking lots.

If a store's location is a nightmare to get in and out of, I avoid going there. It's too bad, but we all do this. We turned this question over to you and asked which parking lots are the worst ones in Fruita/Grand Junction/Clifton/Palisade/Delta.

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One of my favorite features on our station app is the submit audio/video feature. You can use the free app to say things, record them, and send a voice message to the studio. Want to sound off on the worst parking lot ever? Do it and send us the message and we will play your message on the radio. Just sound off and hit send on the app.

Grand Junction's Worst Parking Lot

We're just scratching the surface here, so add your thoughts here. One of the most popular answers so far is the Home Depot parking lot. However, more than a few of your answers indicate you feel the Home Depot, Walmart, Chic-Fil-A, and Lowes parking lot is the ninth circle of hell. For anyone who has been stopped at the stop sign coming out of Chic-Fil-A you know this is the truth.

Colorado Parking Lot School

The most efficient type of parking lot according to the Safety System Development Center is one that is perpendicular to the isle. Parking spaces at a 90-degree angle from the isle are a much more efficient use of space than parking spaces at a 45-degree angle from the isle. See parking spaces at a 45-degree angle? Better prepare for additional conundrums.

Scroll on to see the Grand Junction locations that are on top of the leaderboard early, and open our station app to tell us the parking lot you avoid most.

Western Colorado Picks 11 of the Worst Parking Lots in Grand Junction

Nothing takes the wind right out of your sails when running errands like remembering you are headed for one of the worst parking lots in town. There is never a spot, people drive like maniacs, and it's not an easy place to get out of. Sound familiar? Check out your top picks for the worst parking lots in town.

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