Fruita Colorado

Fruita, Colo. is a small rural town just west of Grand Junction, Colo. Fruita is part of Colorado’s Grand Valley. Wedged between the Colorado National Monument and the Book Cliff Mountains, Fruita is an outdoor enthusiast dream place to live or stay.

Fruita was founded on April 18, 1894, with around 100 people. Homesteaders could pay $500 and receive five acres, 200 fruit trees, and water usage. The town was founded by William Pabor when he recognized the area as a great fruit-growing location – hence the name.

Fruita is also known for the areas of paleontology. There are many old dig sites in the Fruita area, with Dinosaur Hill as one of the most known. The first-known brachiosaurus was discovered in Fruita. Along with a brontosaurus and two smaller dinosaurs that carry the town's name – the Fruitaden and the Fruitafossor.

Fruita is best known for its outdoor activities. Hiking in the Colorado National Monument just south of town. Rafting and floating the Colorado River which makes its way through Fruita’s canyonlands. Fruita is also home to world-class mountain biking. Some of the most popular trails are the 18 Road trails and the world-renowned Kokopelli Trail makes its start in Fruita.

Fruita Quick Facts

Elevation: 4,514′
Population: 13,406
Zipcode: 81521
Area code: 970

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