Fruita and Grand Junction are both towns that date back to the 1880s and are a couple of the oldest towns in Western Colorado. It seems only natural that there would be a few locations in both communities that might be home to some lingering spirits.

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We asked you to tell us about the locations in either city that you are 100% convinced are haunted. We explore your answers further in the photo gallery below.

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Haunted Places in Fruita/Grand Junction

From the grounds of the old Teller Indian School (1886-1910) to Grand Junction's Elk Lodge, there's no shortage of places that give off a haunted vibe in the Grand Valley. Did you know you can explore these places further by attending a Ghost Walk? Grand Junction's Whispers from the Past tour is a guided walk through some of the town's creepy locations and historic cemeteries. A walk under the full moon is coming up this weekend. Find more info here.

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St.Regis Building in Grand Junction

If Grand Junction had its own Stanley Hotel, some would say it must be the St. Regis Building. Learn more about one of Grand Junction's oldest haunts with the link below, including the time a ghost seems to have shown up on camera.

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Keep reading to see which locations you told us you are convinced are haunted around Fruita and Grand Junction in the gallery below.

What Places in Western Colorado Are You 100% Convinced Are Haunted?

Is there a location that always gives you the creeps in Fruita or Grand Junction? We asked you to share a location that you are 100% convinced is haunted, no matter if the ghosts are scary or friendly. Keep scrolling to see the top answers so far.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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