One coach has already been terminated. Now, two more Denver high school employees have left after this horrific video was released last month.

This story at East High School in Denver broke last month when one of the participants in a cheer camp released this disturbing video.

Ally Wakefield, a freshman, was recorded while members of the cheer squad physically force her in the splits position. It's not easy to watch as Ally screams and cries for them to stop. Altogether eight of the cheer camp girls were unwillingly subjected to this technique.

Now, it has been reported, that the East High School principal has retired and one of its athletic directors has resigned.

There is bound to be more fallout from this situation. At first, the school put its principal, assistant principal, cheer coach, assistant cheer coach and the Denver Public School deputy general counsel all on administrative leave.

The cheer coach, Ozell Williams was terminated soon after the videos emerged.

Should there be more consequences for the school officials, coaches and others who were involved in this? Can it be as easy as simply retiring or resigning? There was even some talk about how some school officials knew about this video long before it was made public and apparently did nothing.

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