East High School in Denver is currently being investigated by the police after disturbing videos of cheerleaders being held down and forced into splits emerged.

East High School's principal, assistant principal, Denver Public School deputy general counsel, cheer coach and assistant cheer coach have all been placed on leave. This is because of the disturbing video that shows multiple cheerleaders being pushed down into splits.


Ally Wakefield, an incoming freshman who sent in the video, is obviously in serious pain in the videos. The video was taken during the first week of cheer camp. Ally is shown surrounded by teammates, being held down by them and pushed down by her coach, Ozell Williams.

It is heart-wrenching to watch as Ally cries out in pain "no I can't," and asks her coach to "please stop" multiple time. Nine times in less than 24 seconds, to be exact. There are videos of eight cheerleaders being pushed down by their coach and forced into splits.

Coach, Ozell Williams, said that he learned that technique growing up. I think this is dangerous and not the way to learn how to do splits. If a teenage girl begs their coach to stop and that they're in pain, they should stop.

School administrators have had possession of at least one video since June. why has an investigation only started as of August 23rd if the videos were sent in June? The whole situation is just flat out wrong.

Source: 9News

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