Whether it's Jan from Toyota or people who simply can't believe they're looking at a Buick, car commercials have a way of trying to entice you.

But the fact of the matter is car commercials are nothing but a house of lies.

That's why this video from Cracked is just so darned on the money. Starring a middle-aged man named Roger ("a legally-mandated middle man") who looks like every other car salesman in America, this clip deftly and humorously points out what should really be said in car commercials. And the description about the car's features are pretty great, too: bug guts gallery and mobile closet are just two of them.

Even if you've never bought a car before, you'll definitely find truth in Roger's claim about how you have to negotiate a price with him, "a person who spends every minute of every day getting better at negotiating."

By the time he gets around to mentioning the importance of the service department as a money-maker, you'll probably take a look at that 1996 Ford Contour in your driveway and wonder why you just didn't stick with the bus all those years ago.

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