There are almost as many dating sites as there are single people looking for love, but none can bring you together with the person you don't dream about quite like this one.

Introducing, a website for singles who want to meet someone because "it's better than nothing."

Okay, okay, it's a joke, but, admit it -- it touches a nerve.

This parody of eHarmony is very clever and speaks to anyone who's been single in the 21st century or anyone else who has a TV and has seen those annoying eHarmony commercials.

Forget finding Miss Right or Mr. Right Now and get ready to find Miss or Mr. Available and Lives Nearby. As the faux Dr. Warren in the spot says, "Push that crushing feeling of loneliness under the corners of your mind."

Happiness isn't for everybody and as one man in this commercial reminds us, "All my friends are married and I don't want to feel left out, so it works."

And, really, isn't that the cornerstone of any good relationship?

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