October 21, 2015 is a day 26 years in the making.

That's the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel to in 1989's Back to the Future: Part II, with infamous predictions about what the world would look like, from hoverboards to the Cubs winning the World Series.

College Humor decided to see just how on the mark the movie was when it came to calling what 2015 would be like.

This video (with a wee bit of NSFW language) features a mildly foul-mouthed Marty disappointed by how things have turned out: from climate change and airport security to Oxboards and bullying (not to mention the problems with technology), maybe 2015 isn't such a good place to live and maybe, just maybe, we should go back...to the past. And, let's not even start with the price of Pepsi...

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