One agency set out to determine some of the strangest things people search for on Google and we've got the top five! Plus one less than honorable mention . . .

Among the weirdest things the agency found that people search Google for:

  1. "How to hide a dead body" comes in with an average of 1,000 monthly searches
  2. "How to get away with murder" gets searched for 1,900 a month
  3. "Cat dating".  Believe it or not 110 people a month want to know about it!
  4. Apparently there a over 18K people a month wondering if Lady Gaga is a man!
  5. And 40,500 of us wondering "Why did i get married?"

My favorite that I felt deserved a less than Honorable mention:

  • 4,400 actually ask Google "how to Google"

What's the strangest thing you've ever searched for? Join the conversation below!

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