May is National Bike Month. To kick things off, Mesa County Libraries will host a bike fair on Saturday, May 1. Here are five reasons why you should attend.

Have you considered riding a bike to work or school? If you were to take up cycling, do you have a working knowledge of basic maintenance? How about road safety. These topics and more will be covered at the fair.

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According to, National Bike Month, promoted by the League of American Bicyclists, was established in 1956. This special month showcases the benefits of cycling in hopes of encouraging people to give it a try.

Topics to be covered at Mesa County Libraries bicycle fair

The Mesa County Libraries Facebook page lists a number of topics to be covered at the fair. They include:

  • Getting ready for Bike to Work Day and Bike to School Day
  • Bike commuting
  • Proper helmet fitting
  • Bike maintenance
  • Bicycle registration
  • Safe routes to school
  • Health and training tips
  • Bike safety

When and where you'll find this event

The Mesa County Libraries bike fair is coming up Saturday, May 1, from 10 a.m. until noon. You'll find it in the east parking lot at the Central Branch of the library at 443 N. 6th Street in Grand Junction.

Top five reasons why you should attend

This is a short event, and won't require much of your time. While there, you can pick up on some useful skills. Personally, I need a refresher on basic bike maintenance. Here are five reasons to set aside a few minutes and attend this event.

  • Get out of the house on a beautiful day with expected temperatures approaching 90.
  • Learn the many benefits of incorporating cycling into your daily routine
  • Pick up a few maintenance skills
  • Gain valuable info regarding safety gear
  • Get a look at what's out there insofar as bikes and accessories

 A quick reminder...

When I was growing up we rode bikes to school. We didn't ride because it was fashionable or because we were enthusiasts. We road bikes because it was what we had.

When it comes to cycling, one doesn't have to get into extreme mountain biking or competition racing. Cycling can be as simple as riding to class, to the convenience store, or to a friends house.

Please make plans to attend the fair this Saturday. The library is convenient located near downtown. The safety info alone is worth the time.

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