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How drunk are we on the Western Slope? Put your drink down and let's find out if we made the list. Take a look at these results.

Overall, the state of Colorado ranks 10th in the country in alcohol consumption. The folks at roadsnacks.net did their own study and came up with this Top Ten list. The drunkest cities in Colorado are:

  • 10) Golden
  • 9) Avon
  • 8) Englewood
  • 7) Carbondale
  • 6) Estes Park
  • 5) Durango
  • 4) Edgeater
  • 3) Denver
  • 2) Salida


1) Aspen

How exactly did they come up with this list?

According to the article, the authors took the following into consideration.

  • City's divorce rate
  • City's drunk/drink relates tweets
  • Number of liquor stores per capita
  • Number of wineries per capita
  • Number of clubs and bars per capita


So, from this it looks like we are pretty tame here on the Western Slope. Again, roadsnacks.net is not an official resource for this type of information. The authors simply gathered up some data and constructed their own formula.


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