We have a freeze warning on deck for tonight (Thursday, November 17,) and that means there are a few things which can't be put off any longer. If you live in Western Colorado, and you haven't done these three things already, it's imperative you do them NOW.

As you are no doubt very much aware when temperatures drop below freezing, water turns to ice, and several predictable things can happen. In the event you don't want to find your ceiling relocated on your floor next spring, there are few things you need to do now.

  • Shut Down Your Swamp Cooler


    If your home has a swamp cooler, it is imperative you close that thing down NOW. Shutting down a swamp cooler for the season requires more than just putting a tarp over it. You'll need to disconnect the water line from both the unit and from where it originates in your house. When these steps are overlooked, one can typically anticipate an attic full of water when spring rolls around.

  • Blow Out Your Sprinkler Lines


    If your yard features a sprinkler system, it is necessary to blow out the lines before freezing temperatures set in. You'll need an air compressor and a rough understanding of how your sprinkler lines are routed. Assuming your system has been set up properly, blowing out the lines should take only a few minutes. In the event you are unfamiliar with this process or do not own the necessary equipment, you can hire local lawn care companies to do this at a fairly reasonable rate.

  • Make Sure Your Pets Are Warm


    You wouldn't want to be outside all night at these low temperatures. It's safe to say your pets won't enjoy it anymore than you would. Either bring them in (preferably) or at least provide warm shelter. Keep in mind that water freezes, so you'll need to make certain they have access to drinking water.