Is it time for a new gig? Are you set on staying in Grand Junction? For your consideration, here are three Grand Junction area jobs, each paying more than $3,200 a month.

I was speaking to a good buddy yesterday about his current employment situation. What is his "employment situation?" He doesn't have one. Yep, he's out of a job. This is a very skilled, educated person we're talking about. What's out there for a Grand Junction resident looking for steady work?

Following the post about CDOT looking to hire 100 snowplow drivers, I did a little digging. These Grand Junction-based jobs came up:

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    Accounting Tech II: Part-Time-Grand Junction

    $3,230.00 - $3,894.00 Monthly

    A part-time gig that pays $3,230.00 to $3,894.00 a month? I picked the wrong booth on career day.

    According to, the job description is:

    This Accounting Tech II part-time position is located in the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) Region 3 Business Office in Grand Junction.  As an Accounting Technician II, you will provide support to the office by ensuring financial transactions are processed in an accurate and timely manner. You will conduct invoice reviews for payment accuracy, including an emphasis on compliance with all relevant State and Federal regulations, CDOT policies, CDOT procedures, the assurance of compliance with contractual terms, Generally Accepted Accounting Practices, and Generally Accepted Auditing Standards.

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    APPRAISER II- Grand Junction (Western Slope)--Extended

    $5,218.00 - $6,427.00 Monthly

    Between five and six grand per month? Goodnight! I can't even dream in those terms. What's involved?

    This position works for the Right of Way Unit in Region 3 and serves as a designated expert in eminent domain appraisal, including performing eminent domain appraisals, performing reviews of eminent domain appraisals, contracting for appraisal services, providing valuation support for appraisal waivers and litigation, and serving as a resource for guidance, oversight, and quality control for local public agencies.

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    Highway Maintenance Worker- Eagle County

    $3,266.00 - $3,538.00 Monthly

    Okay, this is a little more up my alley. I can't sit at a desk all day (I guess that's why I got into radio....ooops). According to the website:

    CDOT is responsible for taking care of the state highway and roadway systems through landscape, heavy construction and operating specialized snow removal equipment.  As a highway maintenance worker, you will receive training on specialized equipment such as loaders, motor graders, 2+ ton snow blowers, and using wing attachments to remove snow and maintain the roads and CDOT right-of-way.

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